The world is changing, but the gospel remains the same. And every day God is at work in this region, as men and women, whom are released from incarceration are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ. Pockets of this reformation are being sparked by the dedication, sacrifice, and service of Forgiven Ministries.

     Individuals who have broken the law and have been sentenced to serve time behind prison walls generally receive little regard from the majority of society.  Over the years, the “system” has awkwardly labeled these individuals such monikers as ex-felon, ex-offender, ex-con, parolee, probationer, former convict, once-convicted criminal, formerly incarcerated, and the latest, politically correct, “returning citizen.” The latter sounds as though someone has been spending some long and happy months abroad and is just now finding their way back home to America.  But the truth is the designation isn’t as important as the person. These are real people—mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, husbands and wives. And for whatever reason, they have now found themselves as an added statistic to another prison report, but they are every bit as human as we are. They are desperately seeking the same basic things as we are and approaching their future with some amount of trepidation just as we are.

     Several individuals have partnered with Forgiven Ministries to reach, equip, and transform the lives of those recently released from incarceration.  The most difficult part of returning to the community is managing the emotional, physical, mental trauma and adjustments experienced after a period of incarceration. Although our priorities may vary in importance; we all share the same basic needs; the need for medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment services, employment, food and housing. Our clients are faced with many challenges in obtaining these vital services along their path from prison/jail to becoming responsible returning members of our communities.

     The Re-Entry Support Services of Forgiven Ministries, in partnership with the Erie Community Corrections Center and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, are here to help our clients during their transition process. Our transitional housing support team assists them in this momentous time and support them with other material needs. 

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