Ministry Giving:

Why I should give?

What my money supports?

What a year we have experienced together.  Could we have imagined God's work during this time?  We are a organization that makes a difference and gives ourselves away.  We do not have to do this - we get to do this!  We get to do this because of people like you who have generously invested financially to this incredible mission.

We thank you.  No, really thank you.  Your giving directly changes lives for eternity!  As more and more persons transition from the department of corrections into our transitional housing program, the needs continue to grow. We work with the PA Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole and local churches to assist in transition as smoothly as possible.

Listed below is just a sample of what your money supports:

     --  Transitional housing for over twenty (20) recently released individuals

     --  Renovations of properties purchased by Forgiven Ministries, Inc.

     --  Preaching and counseling in large and influential churches about our organization

     --  Building character of our participants, deepening their Christian faith through mandatory groups and church attendance for unbelief and sin grow in darkness and 

          isolation.  Our transitional housing staff takes a personal interest in seeing that these participants are successfull in their transition into our communities.

     --  Provide supplies for our biblical study groups, mentoring, and spiritual growth groups as well as other material needs


     1.)   With Forgiven Ministries, your donation is used to fulfill our mission and vision.

     2.)   We use industry standard communication protocols to ensure your personal information is encrypted

            and transmitted without risk.

     3.)  We never sell or share your personal information with others.