My name is Richard Reilly.  I served 2 years in prison and was recently released back into society. I was sent to the Erie Community Corrections Center in Erie, PA.  While there, I was required to perform a mandatory 2 hours of community service each week.  I did so with the Hungry Hearts Community Service Program through Forgiven Ministries at Grace Fellowship Church.  From the very moment that I walked through the doors to do my Community Service, I was greeted with love and compassion. 

This Ministry has made me feel like I was accepted regardless of what I had done.  Forgiven Ministries has given me an avenue of friendship and fellowship where no question is thought of as out of place.   There are times when my week has not gone well and Forgiven Ministries is there to let me say whatever is on my mind to help me find the right answers. This Ministries’ name says it all: “Forgiven.”  The first thing is accepting God’s Forgiveness, then being ministered to in order to grow into my destiny.  I can honestly say that I feel the Lord’s forgiveness through this ministry.

Thank you for being here for men who are in the same position as me.

---  Richard Reilly

Scott Donati, Program Participant

Louis Regna, Program Participant



My name is Roger Wilson. I was a resident at the Erie CCC located in Erie, PA.  While there I was required to perform community service.  Forgiven Ministries through Grace Fellowship Church gave me that opportunity.  I was taken in by Walter who ran the program.  He provided me with a safe, structured environment that I felt welcomed in.  Being new to the ouside world after spending about a decade in prison, I felt like a human being again because of Walter's friendship and understanding.  Forgiven Ministries provides an essential outlet for those of us that need it the most.  I would like to thank Walter and the church for opening their arms and hearts to the misfits that need a small gesture of belonging.  Please continue in your efforts.  The difference you make to us lost souls is hope.  


-- Roger Wilson