Residential Housing

Program Entry Procedures
Release of Information
Rental Application
Chaplain's Letter
PBPP Home Plan
Program Entry Procedures

Note:  This information may be downloaded and or printed below.







Please note the following procedures / steps to be completed:  (These procedures can be facilitated quicker if DOC / PBPP Staff at applicant's facility downloads and prints the form(s) needed.)


1.  ALL APPLICANTS must complete, sign and return the following forms: (MANDATORY)

     a.  Rental Application; [Revised March 2021]  Please Note:  Previous editions of this form will not be accepted.

     b.  Release of Information Form (Used by Forgiven Ministries, Inc., to speak to DOC, PBPP or CCC Staff);  [Revised March 2021] 

          Please Note:  Previous editions of this form will not be accepted.        

     c.  Chaplain's Letter [Revised March 2021]  Please Note:  Previous editions of this form will not be accepted.

     d.  PBPP-1 (Home Plan Form), completed without a residence address.  This form will be returned to the applicant with approving 

          signature and a residence address once a opening becomes available.

     e.. Print & Sign at the bottom of PROCEDURES FOR ENTRY TO RESIDENTIAL HOUSING PROGRAM  stating you have read,       

          understand, and agree to adhere to these procedures. This serves as an agreement letter for possible entry into Forgiven Ministries, Inc. 

          Residential Housing Programs  [Revised March 2021]  Please Note:  Previous editions of this form will not be accepted


2.  After Forgiven Ministries, Inc., receives these forms;

     a.  The applications and relevant information received will be reviewed by Forgiven Ministries, Inc., Board of Directors;

     b.  If the applicant is approved by Forgiven Ministries, Inc., a welcome / approval letter will be sent to the applicant.

     c.  Along with the approval letter to be sent to the applicant, information regarding our "courses / programming" will be outlined and  

          an agreement letter to be signed by the applicant and returned to Forgiven Ministries, Inc.


3.  Applicant also will be advised in this correspondence to send a $375.00 security deposit.  This deposit will be used to "hold or secure" a room for the applicant.  This deposit IS refunded in full to the "issuing party"  if Home Plan is denied by Parole Supervision Staff. (Note:  Forgiven Ministries, Inc., will not be responsible for ANY funds deducted by other agencies such as the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections or a Community Corrections Center, in the return of funds to "the issuing party" to satisfy court ordered fines and restitution).


4.  Upon receipt of this security deposit and the signed agreement letter, the applicant's name will be placed on a waiting list for one (1) or more of the properties used by Forgiven Ministries, Inc.  (Note: This is on a first come - first serve basis)  Applicant's complete and signed home plan form will be returned to the insitution where applicant resides. 


5.  Once the completed home plan is returned to the applicant's residing institution, the applicant is than responsible for contacting their institutional parole department regarding the completed & signed home plan form.  Forgiven Ministries, Inc., has no control over this process nor any delays by PBPP or DOC Staff in their processing of applicant's homeplan. 


6. Forgiven Ministries, Inc. will meet with parole supervision staff to help faciliate the home plan investigation process. 


7.  Once this process is completed and the applicant is approved for release, it is the applicant's responsibility to inform Forgiven Ministries, Inc. that he/ she  has been approved and the date of their scheduled release.  Upon applicant's release, applicant is then responsible for their first month's rent.  Forgiven Ministries, Inc. will make every attempt to assist applicant with transportation from the Erie bus station to the approved residence, if needed.  Applicant is responsible for fulfilling all necessary requirements of the DOC & PBPP for their release.


8. Applicant needs to understand that there are certain requirements associated with our Faith Based Transitional Housing Program to include:


                --             Mandatory Church attendance

                --             Mandatory Bible Studies and other related activities


9. If, during this release process, the applicant has a misconduct, is returned from the center to an SCI, or tries to cirumvent this established procedure, applicant's security deposit will be returned and home plan support will be withdrawn.  Applicant's institutional parole department and Erie field office for PBPP will be notified accordingly. 


10.  If an applicant is denied entry to our programs and/or residential housing program(s), the applicant may re-submit their application after a waiting period of 6 months (180 days).


By signing below, I ___________________________________, do hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to adhere to the policy as stated herein.  Furthermore, I understand that at any point in this process, Forgiven Ministries, Inc. may deny or refuse my application for their Residential Housing Program.


__________________________________                         _________________________________               __________________________

             Applicant Printed Name                                                           Applicant Signature                                                       Date



Release of Information
Rental Application
Chaplain's Letter
PBPP Home Plan



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