Successful reentry involves more than just transitioning from the criminal justice system back into the community. It is something that has long term, lasting effects with a goal of individuals becoming the best version of themselves. Creating a better life is a continual process that is made up of many choices. Choosing to be proactive with reentry planning prior to release from incarceration provides tools and resources to help set a foundation on which future successes can be built. Forgiven Ministries, Inc. assists released individuals with post planning and is an invaluable service that Forgiven Ministries provide by connecting recently release individuals with information, people, and opportunities to addresses each individual’s unique needs in the following areas:

Obtaining safe and affordable housing can be a main concern that many individuals are presented with when they are released from prison. It is important to plan ahead and consider what residential plan will work best and what is needed for this goal to be achieved. Saving money can ensure that when it comes time to leave prison, financial barriers do not hinder success. With all of the changes that happen after release, individuals may become overwhelmed. Transitional living might be a good option that could help alleviate some of the stress by providing continuous, direct support. Working with a Forgiven Ministries will help with identifying resources as well as assistance with setting up plans for appropriate housing options.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Having tools and services in place to manage mental wellness can help with success during and after incarceration. Some ways to promote mental wellness are to take all prescribed medications, follow treatment plans, locate a counselor, and identify treatment options. By using talents and strengths positively, developing healthy relationships, investing in spiritual growth, volunteering, and even getting a job can help individuals find purpose and meaning


Affordable health care is a top priority and having affordable care and medications is vital. It is important for each individual to take care of themselves while in prison, including exercising and making good food choices.  Good health can have a great impact on success during and after release.

Employment & Education

Working toward goals begins now. Being incarcerated does not mean that accomplishments are overlooked. Positive actions taken while incarcerated can have a major impact on life in the community as well as future opportunities.  An individual with a prison job can improve skill sets and build work ethic. Getting an education, GED, computer skills, interview skills, a turnaround letter, and attending résumé writing classes are also opportunities that can be utilized. There are many resources here in Erie that can help you prepare for the job or career you want to have.

Family & Social Support

Forming and nurturing healthy support systems with the people that want you to succeed plays a vital role in successful reentry. Taking time to build and repair relationships with family, friends, and community can increase current and future success. Reentry can be easier if there is a positive support system in place due to the encouragement and stability that can be provided to the individual. Other options for support systems include members of faith based organizations, pro-social activities, mentors, and peers.

Hobbies & Leisure Activities

Boredom can be a concern for both those incarcerated as well as individuals that have been released from prison. Developing interests and talents can help with success by providing enjoyable opportunities for personal expression, stress relief, and developing skills.


Parole or Post-Release Supervision (PRS) may be a part of an individual’s reentry plan. Reentering the community after any period of incarceration may present challenges and temptations. Community supervision provides assistance and support as well as promoting accountability as individuals transition to life outside of prison. Since Parole is discretionary, program participation is often a requirement of Parole. It is recommended to participate in all advised/required programs to help facilitate success.

Post-Release Supervision (PRS) is applicable to individuals that have been ordered to serve a determined amount of time under the supervision of the PBPP after they have completed their time with the DOC. The purpose of PRS is to ensure that as a part of a determinate sentence, a post-release supervision plan is created to offer a smooth, meaningful, and comprehensive transition of parolees and probationers from a term of incarceration to community supervision. Each individual is assigned a Parole / Probation Officer who will assist with planning for the best options in order to promote success.


We hope that the above information is beneficial as individuals navigate the plans that they have for themselves and their time, after their return to the community. The opportunities that are presented to each person during and after incarceration are offered to give them the best options available to assist in becoming the best version of themselves. We aspire that they will gain knowledge, personal growth, skills, and hope for a better future for themselves and their families. 

Even the smallest of successes is still a success, and no matter what the past says about a person, their future is yet to be created. One conscious step in the right direction each day will eventually lead to dreams and goals being fulfilled. Sometimes that first step may simply be asking for assistance or guidance. Imagine all the possibilities that can be achieved with a little bit of determination and effort! Remember that reentry planning begins with each individual.  Forgiven Ministries will be there and offer support and assistance, as available, to every individual along each of those steps. Let’s work together to build a better and brighter future!