Forgiven Ministries, Inc., is a young, independent, non-profit agency. We started with a small group of people who came together out of a shared desire to create a different kind of ministry—a ministry that was not defined by a specific place or a specific gathering time, but by a group of people living out the truth of God’s Word by modeling forgiveness, grace, and by loving and serving others.. Part  of our journey has seen many miracles and given us an assurance that only God can give. This is one reason we call ourselves a “Organization Without Walls.” 

Forgiven Ministries Time Line

2012 -









My name is Richard Reilly.  I served 2 years in prison and was recently released back into society. I was sent to the Erie Community Corrections Center in Erie, PA.  While there, I was required to perform a mandatory 2 hours of community service each week.  I did so with the Hungry Hearts Community Service Program through Forgiven Ministries at Grace Fellowship Church.  From the very moment that I walked through the doors to do my Community Service, I was greeted with love and compassion. 

This Ministry has made me feel like I was accepted regardless of what I had done.  Forgiven Ministries has given me an avenue of friendship and fellowship where no question is thought of as out of place.   There are times when my week has not gone well and Forgiven Ministries is there to let me say whatever is on my mind to help me find the right answers. This Ministries’ name says it all: “Forgiven.”  The first thing is accepting God’s Forgiveness, then being ministered to in order to grow into my destiny.  I can honestly say that I feel the Lord’s forgiveness through this ministry.

Thank you for being here for men who are in the same position as me.

---  Richard Reilly