How long after release does the parolee have to report to his parole agent? How often will the parolee have to see the parole agent?

The parolee must report to the duty agent at the assigned parole office within 24 hours of release from prison, Monday through Friday. The number of times the parolee must see his parole agent is determined by the level of supervision the offender is under. Upon the offender’s release from prison, parole agents utilize a risk-needs assessment to determine the appropriate level of supervision for the offender. In addition to this assessment, there are certain criteria that must also be considered:
· A parolee serving time for a violent offense can never be below the medium level of supervision
· Sex offender supervision must never be below the maximum level of supervision
· Upon release, ALL parolees must be at least under the medium level of supervision
There are two types of contacts involved: face-to-face and collateral. Face-to-face contacts entail the parolee and the parole agent meeting, either in the PBPP office or where the parolee lives or works. Collateral contacts involve the parole agent meeting with those who have contact with the parolee, without the parolee present. Collateral contacts can include treatment providers, employers, or family members.