Will I be notified when the inmate leaves the prison to begin parole?

If you are a victim of crime and registered with OVA and want to be notified of the exact date of the inmate's release from prison, you should call our office at 1.800.563.6399. Upon request, we do provide parole release information, when available, prior to the offender’s actual release.
The release information currently available includes the offender's date of release, the PBPP office out of which the offender will be supervised and, when available, the name of the assigned parole agent. In cases where the offender is being paroled to a community corrections center, we also provide the name and location of the center.
If you are enrolled in PA SAVIN and your contact information is current, you will receive the following notifications from PA SAVIN via phone and/or email:
 --When the inmate is released on parole from a SCI
 --If the offender fails to report to the CCC or to the parole agent and is placed in “absconder” status