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Walter Beatty is the Vice President and CO-Founder of Forgiven Ministries.

Walter was born in Indiana, PA. By the age of 7 or 8, he was being molested by a person that one of his mothers’ friends’ children that would babysit. Even though, he was loved dearly by his mom and dad, he believed that he had no one that he could confide in about what was happening to him.

One night he tried to tell his dad after he came home from the bars about the abuse but that was a bad mistake because his father tried to molest him.

In June of 1974, at age 11, his mother had already gone to work. He woke up to a morning and his dad was laying on the floor in a fetal position. He didn’t think anything of it at the time until he looked but didn’t see any movement through breathing. He attempted to wake his dad up but nothing happened.  He tried to roll his dad over but he was already stiff.

Walter went into the military at the age of 17. He enjoyed the getting in shape aspect of it all. But it just made him a better drinker. When he got out of the service he came home and had money to burn.

He ended up meeting a guy and they would go out drinking and this guy would borrow money with the promise of paying it back. That never happened.

On January 21, 1987, a coworker and Walter went out drinking. Eventually, the coworker wanted to go home and asked Walter if he wanted a ride home. Walter told him that he was supposed to meet a guy at his place in a little while to pick up the money that he owed him. So, he stayed at the bar and spent all the money that he had.

Walter should have gone home because he ended up committing a terrible crime that night where 2 people died. As a result, the State of Pennsylvania sentenced him to 2 natural life sentences. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in 1988. Once he accepted Jesus into his life, God gave him eternal life and He eventually took the 2 naturals away. Have you ever heard of the book titled, "Twice Pardoned?" Well, Walter considers himself as "Thrice Pardoned." He believes that he is a walking miracle because he is now on the outside testifying of just how much God has changed his life.

By God’s grace and mercy, he is no longer that same person he was, but he is a new creature in Christ, old things are passed away and behold all things are new for me. Praise God!

Before Walter was released from prison God revealed two things to him: (1) That his long unanswered prayer for a Christian wife was going to be finally answered; (2) The Lord wanted him to start a ministry to help men coming out of prison.

About six months to a year before Walter was released from prison, (January 2008) the Lord began working on him regarding his prejudice and hatred toward black people. He heard the Spirit say to him plain as day, “You are prejudice and that needs to go! You cannot receive all that I have prepared for you if you are harboring that.” So he asked Him to help him get over it. God is so good.

Walter was finally released from the Center in Pittsburgh on August 21, 2008. He fell in love with a beautiful woman of God, even though he was so unprepared. But God knew exactly what He was doing.
They were married by Pastor John Bowers on November 1, 2009