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About Company

Forgiven Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation through Pennsylvania, which has as its mission to serve both men and women 18 years of age and older, who are recently discharged from federal, state, and local Department of Corrections. Our focus is residential and community services which will enhance their abilities to self-sufficient.

Because of God's redeeming power through Jesus Christ, thereis a potential and power available for individuals to change. We believe that those who have been incarcerated possess unique gifts and talents that have gone untapped, andgiven the right opportunity, can achieve God's destiny for their lives.


Our vision is to provide targeted supportive services to ensure those that receive our services become self-suffieient, never returning to incarceration, but become productive members of society.

Forgiven, through its relational healing emphasis, will help reunite mothers and fathers with their children and extended families.


Forgiven will accomplish this through services provided, in a safe "family-style environment" on a continuum, which includes, but is not limited to the following: Adult Daily Living Skills, Employment Enhancement, Like Skills Development, and Relationship Building.

Phrase 1: Will be the women’s facility.
Phrase 2: Will be the men’s facility.

The two (2) facilities will be a one of kind in the city.

Forgiven will have a step-down unit where Clients will have a practice run of living in an apartment on their own managing their own house hold bills while Forgiven oversees them, before being released back in the community. Once a Client is out in the community, Forgiven’s plans does not end there. We will have an outreach counselor to stop in and check on the clients on a monthly basis.

Client must be an active participant in the entire program. Failure to follow the rules and complete the life changing skills program will result on the client being discharged from the program. 

Hungry Hearts

This class is designed for parolees and ex-offenders who are seeking answers they have in God's Word.  Classes are held every Thursday from 530pm to 630pm at Grace Fellowship Church located at 123 West 10th Street, Erie, PA.